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I've done it... I've bought a house...

It all started when I decided to move into Ron's (my mom's boyfriend) place when he moved into my house with my mom. Then it got sold. And subsequently rented to someone else.

It was a few days later, while I was dreading starting to look for another apartment, when I decided that it would be stupid for me to pay someone else's mortgage when I could just be paying my own. I also decided that the worst a bank could tell me if I went in and asked for a loan was 'no' so I figured I would give it a shot. This was Saturday, May 31.

I met with the mortgage officer/coordinator/dealie the following Monday and she sounded optimistic. I got the loan application, filled it out, gathered all of the required proofs of debt/income and went back the next day. I signed more times than I thought necessary to simply see if I could get approved for a loan and off it went. She said I should hear back the next day.

Two days later (after a small hitch in which I forgot to mention my $20,000+ in student loans) I was approved for a loan of $100,000, which is ridiclous because I cannot afford anything near that, but nonetheless, the search could now begin.

The day I decided that it wouldn't hurt to ask for a loan, we went online to look and see what houses were going for these days. We saw one in Arthur (about 9 miles north of Platteville) that looked alright, and I filed it away in the back of my mind.

After I got approved for the loan, I called a realtor to help me with the whole process. I told her what I wanted and she sent me a couple links to houses. I told her about the one I had seen online a week before and she set up a few viewings.

A week after the idea of buying a house hatched itself, I had my first viewing. We went to the house in Arthur after work on Saturday, June 7th. My family wanted to go too so they could approve/make sure there was a place for a christmas tree.

I pretty much knew I wanted to buy it right away, and everyone else liked it too. It was nice, in my price range, and big enough for me to have a few room mates to help me pay for it.

Even thought I knew I wanted this house, I had already scheduled a time to look at a house in Cuba City the following Monday. I decided that I may see something that would change my mind, maybe point out something else that I didn't know was important to me in a house. So I decided to go to the appointment in Cuba City but still scheduled another look at the house in Arthur later that day. The house in Cuba City was less than desirable. It was dirty, smelly, dirty, stain-y and just overall nasty. It only strengthened my resolve on wanting the house in Arthur

Side Comment: The reason my viewings were not in Platteville is twofold. A) The taxes in Platteville are high; 2) The property values in Platteville are high. The university expanding as it is, many parents are simply buying houses for their children as they enter college as an investment. In 4 (or 6) years when the children have finished, the parents sell the house for profit, as more parents are looking to do the same. This artifically drives up the price of everything, making the houses in my price range much crappier than they would be in the surrounding burgs.

We went and looked again at the house in Arthur that same Monday night, looking for more specific things that I had not noticed the first time. I had already decided that I was going to put an offer in on it so I set a time the next day to do just that. I placed the offer on Tuesday, June 10th and it was accepted the next day. I had my house.

Now I am just waiting on paperwork and such to go through and the seller to get out. It's all kind of a pain in the ass and I can't wait until everythings done. In the end I'm sure it'll all be worth it, but until then, I wait...

(Protip: I bought the house, just haven't updated the page)