This book is a manual for the Female race explaining guys. We had originally requested that the girls (Kim and Carrie) make a book for us explaining females to us, so they thought it only fair that we make one too. Here is the result...

The Book (HTML form, faster to load, better for web viewing)

The Book (1.3 MB, in .pdf form, you need Acrobat Reader, it's free)
- This version is better if you want to print out the book to show people (highly recommended ;)

We are currently working on the first revision, adding more content. We would like contributions. If you have any questions that would like answered by us (or gripes that you would like explained), email them to me and they will most likely be in the next revision! :)

Also, comments are greately appreciated, we love to hear what people think of our book (good or bad) so use the above email link to let us know what you think! :-D